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The last of my many bikes: the legendary Triumph Rocket III! With which I drove many kilometers to then end my motorcycle experience in this life.
Here with my last motorbike: my big Rocket III. Passionate about many sports, I now only maintain the passion for diving.

When I was just 18 years old, with a small group of athletes, I founded the first judo club in my town, where I also founded the local tourist cooperative, which included in the statutes the public vote (first federation in Italy) in the management election .

In the same period I was co-founder of the sports club A.S.D. Polisportiva - always in my community. From the late 70's I had to look after the family business which was on the brink of bankruptcy as my father was struck down by a serious and (then) unknown disease (Alzheimer's) which had sapped his productivity for many years.

In the years that followed, I personally took care of these family debts, which I was able to pay off after a long time. This enabled me to restart the agency and move into my new IT ventures (an extracurricular interest that led me to being awarded the MVP title by Microsoft). Thus was born Frontpage Server - my company's IT department.

In recent years I have worked as a marketing consultant for several tourism companies, dealing with advertising (my father's company's original activity) and IT solutions, especially in the web sector.

Also thanks to several years of practical youth work in hotels (summer time during my studies), I have expanded my support by supporting the management of some tourism companies in back office and management tasks. My knowledge of German and other less fluent languages ​​has always supported me in all projects I have undertaken.